Joat is a Wildling working in the south as a sellsword.


Abilities > 2: AGI3 (2bQuick), ATH3 (1bClimb), AWA5, CUN4, END4 (1bRes), FGHT3 (2bSpears), HEAL3, LANG3, MARK3 (1bThrown), PERS3 (1bConvince), STLTH3 (1bSneak), SURV4 (1bHunt,Track), THIEV3 (1bPick Lock, Sleight of Hand), WILL4 (1bDedication)

Abilities < 2: Status 0 (after 1D penalty) & Warfare 1 (after 1D penalty)

Intrigue DEF: 10 – Combat DEF: 11 – Composure & Health: 12

Destiny Points: 2 – Remaining XP: 19

Benefits: Blood of the Wildlings, Expertise (Spears)

Drawbacks: Craven, Outcast, Supreme Arrogance, Flaw-Warfare

Fighting Possessions: Padded Armor, Dagger, Spearx3, Frog Spear

Other Possessions: 50ss, Northern Garb, Traveler’s Garb, Soldier’s Tent, Whetstone


Joat was born Jackson Craster to one of Craster’s first wives, a wildling. He lived peacefully in Craster’s Keep until he was 12. By that time, Craster had 3 wildling wives, but had taken to the notion that he would start marrying his own daughters. Around this time he grew fearful that his sons, he had a few, among whom Jack was the eldest, would compete with him for his lands or his women, or both. Jack’s mother must’ve somehow learned of Craster’s intention to begin sacrificing his male children because she escaped Craster’s keep with her 12-year-old in tow and fled south.

On their way south, they were attacked by a shadowcat. Jack and his mom fought for their lives, but his mom didn’t succeed. As the shadowcat advanced on a badly wounded Jack after feeding on his mom, Jack was rescued by a group of hunters from the nearby wildling village of Whitetree, who were able to chase off the well-fed shadowcat. Jack was taken to Whitetree where he was healed by a wise woman, whose daughter he eventually married. They lived in Whitetree for many years, during which time his wife, Jill, succeeded her mother as the village’s wise woman and Jack became the village’s best hunter, tracker, and fighter as he became really handy with a spear. He also entertained the villagers with his sleight of hand tricks, and became a sort of ambassador for Whitetree to nearby villages to facilitate cooperation and trade. His many proficiencies earned him the nickname Jack-Of-All-Trades, which was shortened to JOAT. Joat and his wife had children, and he thought he’d spend the rest of his life basking in the comfort of the life to which he’d grown accustomed.

One day, shortly after Joat had turned 38, he was showing his eldest son how to properly skin a deer when several Black Brothers, led by the feared Qhorin Halfhand, rode into the village screaming for a wise woman. They had been attacked by a shadowcat and one crow was badly wounded, his arm and back bleeding profusely. Recognizing the severity of the situation, both to the village and the injured member of the Night’s Watch, Joat immediately led the party to his home where the young crow was treated by his wife. The crows stayed for 3 days – long enough for the stitches to set and the young Night’s Watchman, whose name was Mance, to regain enough strength to ride. They rode off without any payment other than a word of thanks, even though Jill had mended the injured crow’s black cloak with her own cloth – a silk of red from Asshai that had been in her family for 3 generations. But they left peacefully and without plundering, so Joat considered the village lucky and the exchange fair.

About two weeks later, Joat went out to hunt the shadowcat the Black Brothers had talked about. He thought the pelt would make a fine trophy for his wife and hoped it would help ease the loss of her family heirloom – and secretly feared it may be the same beast from his childhood. Shadowcats are tough to bring down, however, and Joat’s main hope was that the Crow had injured it enough to allow him to succeed. After nearly a day’s travel, he came to the spot where the Crows had been attacked; the shadow cat’s lair was supposedly nearby. Joat was startled to see the young ranger, Mance, sitting on a rock and quietly composing a sad-sounding song. He greeted Mance, who said he had left the Night’s Watch to live the life of a free man. Joat offered him a home in Whitetree and asked for his aid in killing the Shadowcat. Mance declined the hunt and the home. He said he was only returning to Whitetree to return the cloak containing the Asshai silk and he wanted to settle down further north in a village less likely to be visited by members of the Night’s Watch. Together, Mance and Joat returned to Whitetree – not two full days after Joat had left – only to discover that every person in the entire village, including Joat’s wife and children, was dead.

Joat was overcome with grief and fell to the earth, useless. Mance went about inspecting the bodies and remarked that there were no visible wounds on any of the bodies, all were ice cold, had blue eyes, and were starkly white with black hands and feet. Joat recognized the characteristics of wights and said the village was probably attacked by White Walkers and that the bodies would soon reanimate as wights. He and Mance gathered all the bodies and burned them in a bonpyre and then Mance convinced Joat that they would need to rally all the villages of the wildlings to either flee or fight if the White Walkers had actually returned. Joat spent his next 10 years helping Mance organize the wildlings and Mance spent that time teaching Joat to read.

After many years, Mance began talking about a magic horn to destroy The Wall, Joat began to disagree with him. Joat thought the wall would be necessary to protect people and destroying it would only allow the Others and Wights to move south. Joat also did not like that Mance had taken to calling himself the King Beyond The Wall. With this tension growing between them, they both then fell in love with Dalla and their friendship was destroyed by a woman. Mance banished Joat, though Joat convinced himself that he left Mance and his followers. Homeless, landless, and belonging to no one, Joat had no goals but to sneak his way south of the wall and keep heading south until he felt he could carve a new life for himself where he could live out his days without danger of facing an invasion by the Others. He had heard that in the southernmost kingdoms of the seven kingdoms, it was so warm that it never snowed. He figured he might be safe there and struck out alone on his journey.

At the time of joining our adventure, Joat has been in Seagard for nearly 6 months working as a sellsword. He thinks he may have travelled too far south because it is so hot and humid here. He has considered going back north of the neck, at least until his body adjusts to the blazing heat of the south, but he is a little scared of travelling back through the neck because of the bogs and lizard lions and, also, he stole a frog spear from a sleeping crannogman and fears running into him again.

Joat is 5’11" and weights 160 lbs. His eyes are brown and the hair he has left is gray. Though he seems to be scared of almost everything, he is contemptuous of kneelers. The combination of fear and haughtiness often makes him peculiar to those he meets.


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