Lewyn Sand


33 arrows, Courser, Saddlebags, Northern Garb, Maester’s Garb, Maester’s Kit, Water skin, Pouch, rope, flint and steel, lamp, 3 torches, Soldier’s tent, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme (x5), 2 Myrish fire, knife, Milk of the Poppy x3, Letter from maester Ferris, 200ml of Wildfire, 250g PennyRoyal, 250ml Milk of the Poppy, 250g Sweetsleep, various herbs & spices, 150 Lizard Lion Teeth, 5 anti-venom, Anis painting of myself. Ability to create wildfire.

Exp. 21
DP 2
Hard Leather
Ring Mail
Stiletto – Superior
Dirk – Superior
Hunting bow
Double-curved bow

95 GD (back at Edgeguard), 2525 SS


Born in The North to the Septa of House Teamus. Lewyn proved to be a hard child to control; he was mischievous and loved to run with sharp objects. After 5 long years of trying to deal with her handful, the Septa sent her son to Oldtown to the Citadel in hopes that they could curb his ways. While in Oldtown, Lewyn became particularly close with Alleras the Sphinx, to the point of knowing her secret. The Maester’s of the Citadel did not have much luck trying to calm Lewyn’s ways. The only time the boy seemed to be on task was is his studies of alchemy, particularly poisons. Lewyn also had to improvise when it came to his love for sharp weapons, because of the Citadels strict policy on them. It is in the Citadel, with Alleras help that he was able to secretly train in fighting with short bladed, easily concealable weapons. Eventually, the Citadel grew tired of Lewyn’s inability to conform, and asked him to leave by his 13th nameday. Alleras, paved the way for Lewyn to spend time in the far South under the tutelage of her sisters know as the Sand Snakes. Shortly before his 16th nameday, Lewyn received a raven stating that his mother was ill, and he should return at once to his roots in the North to pay his respects. Upon his arrival in the North, Lewyn, was able to raise his mother’s spirits and actually improve her health for a time. About 6 months after his arrival in the North, Lewyn’s mother passed. Lewyn took the passing very hard, as he had bonded with his mother in the short time before her death. Lewyn now looks to find his place in the ever changing game of thrones.

Lewyn Sand

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