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*House Teamus


The Edgeguard, a small castle beneath the Edge Mountain to the north.

Highcard Tower, a high lookout tower on the east side of the Red River where it flows into Breakeven Bay

4 points remaining


Mason Teamus (20)

Beal Teamus (10)

Wyatt Teamus (10)

7 points remaining


Mountains – “The First Men”, with the largest named the Edge for it’s apex. A small, somewhat treacherous road runs through it to the north and into Karstark land.

Mine – Kiki’s Mine, named after the mountain hermit who befriended the lord of Teamus

Deetch Lake – A lake created by Deetch Teamus, who built Deetch’s Dam along the last river. The resulting lake flooded Bolton land.

Red River – Runs from Deetch’s Dam to Breakeven Bay. Named for the skirmish that ocurred there shortly after Deetch’s Dam was built.

Breakeven – A port town with a dock area called simply “The Docks”. On a small peninsula of land surrounded by Breakeven Bay, for which the town was named.

Coast – The eastern and southern border of Teamus Land, running along Breakeven Bay.

0 points remaining


24 – Crime is common, but not out of control.

-2 to House Fortunes


21 – Typical population. Most smallfolk live on farmsteads or in
hamlets, but you might have a couple of small towns and a
community around your primary fortification.

+1 to House Fortunes


Trained Infantry (7)

Green Infantry x8

Trained War Galley x4

1 remaining


Port – “The Docks” (10)

Mine – “Kiki’s Mine” (10)

Maester – will arrive in two months (10)

0 remaining


The winning of Teamus Land from Mykal Bolton


The Golden Age of Teamus (Deetch, Strom, Clem, Wyatt, & Shon)


“Black Sword”

House Motto: “Fear Us”

A House sworn to Winterfell and House Stark. Their seat is the The Edgeguard. Their sigil is an eyepatch, a dagger, and a set of face-down cards. Their holdings are everything south of and including the First Men Mountains, east of Deetch Lake and the Red River to Breakeven Bay. The port town of Breakeven, Kiki’s Mine, Deetch’s Dam, the Edge Pass to Karstark lands, and Highcard Tower are all major landmarks.


They are descendents from Teamus, who lived after the beginning of the Andal Invasion 6,000 years ago. Teamus joined the King of Winter in successfully stopping the Andals at Moat Cailin during their attempt at invading the North. Shortly thereafter, legend has it that Teamus got the best of the Mykal Bolton in a card game, able to foresee the outcome with the mythical greensight. He was steadily losing all night to Mykel Bolton, but finally won a large amount of their land on the eastern coastline. It is said Teamus won after removing his eye (a precious gem) with a dagger and using it as a wager, with nothing else left to his name. The current King of Winter had to take a hand in the matter, and awarded official land deeds to both houses, honoring what had transpired in the card game. Since then there has been enmity between both houses, Boltons accusing Teamus of trickery, and Teamus cutting Boltons off from access to the sea.

Black Sword, a villain which spoiled a marriage between Lord Mathle and a Bolton woman many centuries ago, has been rumored to haunt Edgeguard looking for Boltons to slay. This incident caused even more enmity between the two houses (exact dates unknown).

The subsequent lord Deetch of Teamus (750-650 B.A.C.) set to work building Deetch’s Dam, which ended up flooding Bolton farmland (the resulting lake named Deetch Lake). The inevitable conflict with the Boltons took place south of the dam, and as a result the strip of water flowing from Deetch Lake to Breakeven Bay has been named the Red River. This event started a marked time of infrastructure for the house. After Deetch’s Dam, Lords Strom, Clem and Wyatt expanded Edgeguard, built Highcard Tower as a lookout for enemies (by land and sea), and oversaw the flourishing of the town of Breakeven. Lord Shon, the final lord in this age of expansion, befriended a hermit in the First Men Mountains who revealed the location of a cave with valuable resources. Lord Shon ordered a mine be constructed and named it after the hermit, Kiki.

In recent times, the current Lord Jolvan had joined with Eddard Stark of Winterfell to turn back Balon Greyjoy’s Rebellion, and even took a knife wound to the shoulder while protecting Stark, thus causing some political gains for Teamus against the Boltons. The young Teamus, returning home to his lord father, soon was married to Meralyn Karstark under dubious circumstances. She was soon with child, and gave birth to two sons and a daughter. The oldest and apparent heir is 17. while his siblings are 10 and 7.

Other information of note: All members of the household have a set of playing cards, each with a picture of a noteworthy member of the Teamus bloodline. Each lord’s likeness is added to a card in the set upon their death. The house suffers from gambling, and not as much as it benefits. Many of the line throughout the ages believe they have the green sight, and gamble accordingly. Even the ones that do, do not know how to utilize the ability properly, nor are they able to differentiate between a green dream and one that is not. As a result, the house suffers, but other than that vice, the house continues to be a contributing member of Eddard Stark’s lands, and a thorn in the side of the Boltons.

Main Page

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